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Madison Burns & Associates, LLC  partners with corporations to help them treat people as their most important asset by improving their performance and helping them to present themselves and their ideas effectively.

We help individuals to get better results through communications, whether that communication is between manager and employee, customer service representative and customer, salesperson and client, peer to peer.

We are small enough to respond quickly to clients' emerging needs yet large enough to respond flexibly and meet whatever specific needs arise.  Our network of consultants, training facilitators, and business alliances is made up of professionals who have extensive business experience

Madison Burns & Associates, LLC specializes in:

bullet Leadership and management
bullet Professional development
bullet Sales
bullet Customer service



The Kiely Company, LLC and Madison–Burns & Associates, LLC have formalized their strategic alliance to assist clients in developing leaders for these unprecedented times.



To make better use of your time, try grouping like activities and blocking time to complete.







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